ICT for all - Tunis 2005
ICT for all TUNIS 2005

ICT for all Tunis 2005 takes place from 15 to 19 November 2005 and is the major parallel event at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis 2005. The platform is open to both accredited participants of the WSIS and to the general public concerned with ICT. The Platform aims to enrich the political core of the WSIS by dealing with the people-centred development dimension of Information and Communication Technologies through a lively exhibition, high-level conference and interactive workshops.

The platform is assembled around a central meeting point, which offers all sectors from across the world the opportunity to interact and exchange.
The Platform is open to both accredited WSIS participants and the public, offering a market place for sharing ideas between all sectors and continents.


ICT for all Tunis 2005 aims to contribute to a more effective worldwide use of ICT and stimulate concrete action between developing and developed countries.

Objective 1: network
To bring different stakeholders together to share knowledge, experiences and to encourage partnerships in the field of ICT for development. To promote the role of the private sector in particular, as stakeholders providing economically viable models for universal access to information and value-added ICT services.

Objective 2: showcase
To showcase examples of how companies, organisations and countries are active in. Exhibitors present technologies, products, projects, services, approaches, best practices and innovations.

Objective 3: debate
To debate and reflect on state-of-the-art lessons, specific experiences, innovative models and future trends in the area of ICT4D.

Objective 4: action
To stimulate innovative actions including concrete multi-stakeholder deals, action-oriented partnerships, joint programmes and financing models.


The platform embodies the true multi-stakeholder spirit, encouraging the development of action-orientated partnerships and collaborations between government agencies, civil society groups, private sector companies, donor agencies and inter-governmental organisations from across all continents.

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