ICT for all - Tunis 2005

"President Chissano was impressed by the quality of the exhibition and the high sense of inclusiveness that led the organisers to bring together all stakeholders from the South and the North."

The presidential delegation from Mozambique

Showcasing ICT for all
The exhibition at ICT for all Tunis 2005 builds upon the success of the ICT4D Platform held December 2003 in Geneva, whereby 265 participants from 80 countries transformed 16’000 m2 into a thriving Communication village to showcase how ICT tools are used across the world.

In contrast to the WSIS, the exhibition is open to all visitors. The exhibition aims to further raise awareness of how ICT tools can be used successfully in a development context in both developing and developed countries.

ICT for all Tunis 2005 showcases success stories from partnerships made in Geneva and provides a platform for participants to make new partnerships for the future of ICT for Development.

The central place
The exhibition is a thriving market place buzzing with life, with streets stemming from the central place. The streets are named after the themes of the Platform. Information concerning the themes will be available soon.

Major stakeholders from governments, the private sector, international organisations and civil society showcase technologies, products, projects, services, approaches, best practices and innovations in the field of ICT for Development.

Private Sector involvement

"The ICT4D Platform was a great idea and a good vehicle for business and civil society to present their priorities, initiatives and positions...."

Senior policy manager, International Chamber of Commerce on behalf of The Coordinating Committee of Business Interlocutors (CCBI)

The private sector plays a key role in the development of Information and Communication Technologies. The ICT for all Tunis 2005 exhibition encourages the private sector to showcase innovations, technologies, services and products in its streets concentrating on particular themes. Its involvement in the Platform will promote new partnerships between the private sector and other stakeholders.

Conference: debating ICT for all
The ICT for all Tunis 2005 conference programme will be composed of panel discussions and workshops bringing together key innovators as well as world leaders from government, the private sector, international organisations and civil society. More information will be available soon.

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